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*All magic props are hand made by Sylvester himself*
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From June 28 to Aug 31 Sylvester the Jester and his minions will be touring in China and unavailable. Please do not order product unless you don't mind waiting till September to receive them.

--> Magic, Special Effects, and Gizmos
Criminal RecordInsto-Mallet
Criminal Record - 115$
The visual production of a 12" LP record, CD to Lp, LP to 45s and back again. It's music for your eyes!
Insto-Mallet - 175$
Produce a huge, realistic mallet from your pocket, jacket or a small box. Read a review Here!
Pocket VolcanoSylvester Pitch DVD
The Lil' Wonder Pocket Volcano - 425$
Now with charger included!! A silent, compact, battery powered device which allows for the precision control of small bursts or a continous production of smoke. Read some Reviews. (It's so easy a kid can do it!)
Sylvester Pitch DVD - 40$
The original, famed coin move which allows the user to produce endless coins or fist size objects. Read a review Here and Here!
Appearing 8ft PoleMakin' Sparks
Appearing 10. Ft Pole - 35$
A long wooden pole can be produced from almost any small space. When rolled up, package measures 5"x 2".
Makin' Sparks - 96$
An electric funkinring which shoots a continuous fan of sparks up to 14 inches long and uses a single 9volt battery (not included).
Gamma BurstDark Star
Gamma Burst Battery - 20$
(Click image for Demo Video)

Dark Star - 125$
(Click image for Demo Video)

Left Handed PencilSuspended Dimension
Left Handed Pencil up the nose - 15$
A pencil is pushed very slowly all the way up the nose and the hand is seen empty. The pencil is then pulled out and may be examined!!
Suspended Dimension DVD - 30$
This DVD demonstrates the usage, effects and construction of a jacketless topit that allows for the production, as well as vanish of items as large as a bottle of beer without wearing a jacket. Read a Review.
Branding IronComb Over DVD
Branding Iron - 500$ (you choose the letter)
This is a unique made to order magical prop that you have to see to believe!
Comb-Over DVD - 25$
An ordinary comb floats, vanishes, reappears and finally is transformed into a silk handkerchief by pure sleight of hand. Comes with comb and instructional dvd.
Creativity NotesGamma Burst Charger
Creativity Lecture Notes - 30$
A creative strategy regarding the conception, creation, and performance of magical original effects.
Gamma Burst Dual Charger - 8$
Dual charger for GAMMA BURST Batteries. Operates with US 120 volts. $8.00 or $2.00 if purchased with either 2 Gamma Burst Batteries, a Dark Star unit or Makin' Sparks unit. For other outlet voltages please check the charger below.
Hideous Grinn International Gamma Charger
The Hideous Grinn - 250$
An early Sylvester The Jester magic masterpiece which produces both horror and laughter! The Hideous Grinn is a hand made, hand painted rubber prosthetic. It's a freaky bit of business when it vanishes a moment after it appears!
International Gamma Charger - 20$
Intoducing "The international" New dual, multi-voltage charger for GAMMA BURST batteries. Works with all international outlet voltages. Adapter not included.

--> Stuff You Can't Live Without
Autograph Staff
Or... Purchase any of the items below and get and get an autograph for free!
Syslvester The Jester DVDSylvester The Jester Poster
Promo Video - 10$
Sylvester the Jester's promo video includes a 15 minute show.
Poster - 10$
Full size poster of your favorite living cartoon!
Sylvester The Jester Promo PhotoSylvester The Jester Comic
Promo Shot - 4$
Autographed picture of Sylvester the Jester. Click Here to view all four styles.
Choose a Style
Sylvester Live Story - 5$
comic book written, drawn, and lived by Sylvester the Jester
Tater Bugs ComicLarry Jennings and Friend
Tater Bugs Comic Book - 10$
37 page comic story written and illustrated by me! Click Here to sneak a peek at page 9!
Larry Jennings and Friend - 40$
"Larry Jennings and Friend. David someone... " By Daniel Sylvester circa 1989. Available as 16"x20" or 11"x14" high quality print on acid free paper. Each one numbered and signed by the artist.
Size options

--> Product Testimonials
"There are not many original effects in Magic-Land as there are recreations. The few I have seen have all come from this same guy. Sylvester the Jester. What he throws away, most comics would kill for." - Amazing Johnathan

"If you don't know about Dan's "Wile E. Coyote" mad, creative genius then you must be a caveman! Dan Sylvester one of the most brilliant, inventive, & NICEST people in this magic industry!" - Stage Illusionist Ray Lum

"IM LOVING MY POCKET VOLCANO! AMAZINGLY easy and fun to refill the canisters now-you are brilliant! Genius!"

* Sylvester Pitch Review *
This is Sylvester the Jester himself in person and on stage performing and teaching his excellent Sylvester Pitch.

Dai Vernon called him a genius and for good reason too.

The video is of excellent quality and the pitch is explained in detail.

If you want to learn a killer utility move that can be done standing or sitting, this is it.

Vernon was right, he is a genius and we are lucky he is sharing.The Sylvester Pitch is the long awaited complete course on Dan Sylvester's Inertia Pass. A revolutionary technique so powerful it lets you continuously produce just about anything without gimmicks or a topit. Coins, jumbo coins, mugs, ashtrays, decks of cards, egg plants, steel nuts, salami, you name it. Detailed instructions and complete routines, wonderful close-ups, over head shots and slow motion sequences, mixed with hilarious sight gags make this tape a true learning experience.

Includes international TV footage of Sylvester The Jester and his Living Cartoon Act. Also get a glimpse at the sound vest and learn Dan's famous "Jumping Ring" where any borrowed ring visibly jumps into your finger. Plus Magi Time, the handy timetable-system for immediate access to your favorite scenes on the video.

* Insto-Mallet Review *
Got this in the mail yesterday, six days after placing my order. It's very well made and works exactly as depicted in the video. It actually looks pretty realistic from just a few feet away. Since this is primarily a gag, though, the realism is a bonus, IMO. Anyway, Sylvester picked exactly the right materials for as realistic a look (in a cartoony kind of way) as possible. The final production mallet is solid enough to swing, although the mallet end does rotate a bit if you don't choke up on it for control.

There's more to the prop than I'd initially supposed. It has some well made internal workings that are briefly but thoroughly explained in the accompanying DVD. You can produce this from a bag, a box, a big interior pocket, from under your arm if it's an opening effect, or from the body sling which is supplied with the prop. Reset, of course, has to be done in private, but only takes a minute or so.

Note: open the shipping box carefully - do not rip the tabs. Sylvester explains on the DVD how you can modify it to serve as a great production box, complete with cartoon label. I didn't realize that when it arrived, so I had to tape my box back together, but it works fine now.

So far I've mainly used this to scare the cat - works great for that - but I'll definitely have this with me at any future show, either as a sight gag for my rabbit-in-hat routine, or just in case it's needed as a fun heckler corrector. I notice that it went up in price by $50 since I purchased it seven days ago (from $150 to $200). However, if you think it's something you'll use, you'll probably be very happy with it.

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